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1860 Nebraska Territorial Census

THEO. HALLER was born in East Troy, Wisconsin, August 10, 1842. He came to Blair, Nebraska, in 1874 and has been engaged in the general merchandise business for thirty years. Jacob Haller, his father, was a tanner. Mr. Haller was educated in the public schools of Wisconsin and in Quincy College, Quincy. Illinois. He has been Mayor of Blair, sixteen years Secretary of the Board of Education and County Commissioner. He was appointed Clerk of the District Court to fill an unexpired term and has been elected to the office once since. In 1874 he married Miss Grace Morgan. They have two daughters and two sons living, having lost two daughters.          from:  History of Nebraska: Historical Sketch, by A. E. Sheldon,  1904  [Link]  [Genealogy]

GEORGE FABER was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, April 13, 1860. His father, George L. Faber, was a brick mason. He moved to Auburn, Nebraska, in 1887 and to Blair in 1891. He received his education in New Orleans and has been engaged in the marketing of meat. He married Miss Elizabeth Bohs in 1895. Mr. Faber is a Democrat and has served two terms as County Treasurer, being now the County Clerk of Washington County.        from:  History of Nebraska: Historical Sketch, by A. E. Sheldon,  1904 [Link]

CLAUS MENCKE, an old settler of Washington County, having taken a homestead there, was born April 7, 1850, in Germany. He came to Washington County, Nebraska, in 1869, where he engaged in farming. His father, Henry Mencke, was a tanner. He attended the public and private schools of Germany. Mr. Mencke is a Democrat, has been Deputy Sheriff of Washington County, and is now serving his sixth term as Sheriff of the county. He was married in 1874 to Miss Tina Rathman. They have seven children, five boys and two girls.      from:  History of Nebraska: Historical Sketch, by A. E. Sheldon,  1904  [Link]

G. C. MARSHALL, a Democrat, now serving his second term as Judge of Washington County, and also served two terms as County Superintendent, was the son of John Marshall, a farmer and stock dealer. He was born in Ohio, September 15; 1858, and came to Washington County in 1896. He married Miss Sadie M. Williams, February 5, 1891, and they have two daughters. Mr. Marshall, a lawyer, was educated in Northern Ohio University at Ada, Ohio, graduating from the scientific course in 1892 and from the law course in 1895.       from:  History of Nebraska: Historical Sketch, by A. E. Sheldon,  1904  [Link]

A. L. COOK was born January 5, 1875. in Clayton County, Iowa; and came to Washington County, Nebraska, with his parents in the same year, where he has since resided. His father, E. M. Cook, was a farmer and one of the early settlers of Washington County, al though he did not take a homestead. Mr. Cook attended the Fremont Normal College and graduated from the law school of the State University in 1895. Mr. Cook is a Republican and was elected for the second time as County Superintendent of Washington County.       from:  History of Nebraska: Historical Sketch, by A. E. Sheldon,  1904  [Link]

E. B. CARRIGAN was born in De Soto, Washington County, Nebraska, November 5, 1867. His father, John Carrigan, a lawyer, came to Nebraska in 1867, and located in Washington County, remaining there until his death in 1880. Mr. Carrigan was educated in the Blair high school, and at Shenandoah, Iowa, in the Western Normal College. He has served three terms as Deputy Sheriff, as City Attorney, and five years as County Attorney, which office he is now occupying. He was married to Miss Frances Lawson and they have three children, one son and two daughters.       from:  History of Nebraska: Historical Sketch, by A. E. Sheldon,  1904  [Link]

W. H. HILL, who has been surveyor of Washington County since 1882, was born in Osceola, Pennsylvania, January 16, 1846. E. R. Hill, his father, was a farmer. Mr. Hill moved to Newman County, Indiana, in 1863 .and came to Nebraska in 1868. His schooling was received in Osceola, Pennslyvania (sic) and the Commercial College of Oberlin, Ohio. He is a Republican and has been city engineer. Washington and Dole are towns laid out by him while serving as County Surveyor. In the spring of 1874 he married Miss Lizzie Wentworth and they have five children.         from:  History of Nebraska: Historical Sketch, by A. E. Sheldon,  1904  [Link]


C. H. WILLARD, agent Missouri Pacific railroad, was born in Grafton, Vt., October 19, 1843. In 1853, he left home and located in Stark County, Ill., from there moved to Wisconsin. Enlisted in 1861 at Milwaukee, Wis., in the Seventh Wisconsin Battery, Light Artillery. Was discharged in 1863, on account of disability caused by wounds received at Parker's Cross Roads, Tenn., December 31, 1862. He returned to Wisconsin and located in Waukesha County. In 1869, he moved to Nebraska and located at Blair, as agent of the S. C. & P. R. R. About 1878, he accepted the position of agent at Omaha, for the C., St. P. M. & O. R. R Was appointed to present position December 1, 1881. He was married in Blair, Neb., November 5, 1872, to Miss A. A. Carson of Blair. They have one child, Lulu Mabel. Mr. W. is a Knight Templar in the Masonic fraternity, Lodge and Chapter in Blair Commandery of Omaha, is "P. W. M." and "P. H. P."


 http://www.kancoll.org/books/andreas_ne/   (Douglas County – city of Omaha.)

HENRY VOSS, architect. Was born in Germany in 1843. He studied architecture and draughting in Switzerland for five years. Was then engaged traveling and perfecting himself at his profession seven months. Then built a railroad in northern Russia. Afterwards engaged at his profession for several years in Germany. During 1870 and 1871 he served as an infantry officer in the German army, engaged in the Franco-German war. Came to America in August, 1871. Was employed for a few months in New York City as a draughtsman. Then engaged at his profession in Chicago, Ill., for over a year. Afterwards employed as a draughtsman at Rock Island, Ill., until he came to Omaha, Neb., in 1873, and has followed his profession here since. He built a public school building at Blair, Neb., in 1880 and the county jail, at Kearney, Buffalo County in 1875, besides prominent breweries and other buildings at Omaha.



Peter was the oldest child of the L. C. Bondos. He was born in West Hazel Dell April 24, 1869. He married Alvina Rasmussen on February 17, 1897. She was born in Denmark August 23, 1878 and came to Council Bluffs with her parents when 3 years old. Her parents had a farm just west of St. Paul's Church.
Peter and "Winnie' established a home in Hazel Dell Township and were parents of 4 daughters and 1 son.
Many young immigrants worked as farm hands for them. During the winter months they went to Hazel Dell School #1 to learn some English. The teachers roomed and boarded in the homes in the district.
Mr. Bondo served in many capacities in the community and St. Paul's Church where he served as chairman for 25 years. He was instrumental in getting the first telephones in the area. Their phone was under the Boomer Central. He also worked to bring electricity to the farms in 1930.
After his father's death in 1907, he administered the estate and supervised the erection of a home for the President of Dana College in Blair, Nebraska. To do this, he drove his team to Council Bluffs, put them in a livery stable, took the street car to the Webster Street Station in Omaha, from there the train to Blair. Coming home the procedure was reversed.
In 1930 they moved to an acreage on the next hill west of St. Paul's Church, where he died in 1939. During this period the area suffered a severe drought and low prices. Corn sold for .10 a bushel. Many farmers lost their farms.
Mrs. Bondo lived to be 97 having never been a patient in a hospital until 3 days prior to her death in December 1975.

more:  http://www.rootsweb.com/~neresour/OLLibrary/who1940/co/washgton.htm

Andreas' History of the State of Nebraska
WASHINGTON COUNTY   Produced by W. Ross Yates.

M. BALLARD, attorney at law, is a native of Grayson County, Ky., and came with his mother to Mason County, Ill., when a child. At the age of nineteen he commenced the study of law, and at the age of twenty-one years was admitted to the bar; he then commenced practicing in Macon County, and afterwards removed to Des Moines, Iowa, where he continued in practice three or four years. He then married, and settled in Iowa County, continuing the practice of his profession till September 13, 1869, when he came to Blair, where he has since resided. Mr. Ballard held the office of School Fund Commissioner in Iowa County, Iowa, eight years; he was a delegate to the Constitutional State Convention convened at Lincoln, Neb., in 1871. Mr. Ballard derives much pleasure in cultivating a fruit garden of twenty-five acres near town, which he has owned since residing here.

JOHN CONNELL, meat market, is a native of Champaign County, Ohio, and was raised in Missouri. October 1, 1872, he came to Blair, and opened a harness shop; carried on this business till 1878, when he commenced h is present business. He served during the war as a member of the Home Guard, and enlisted in 1865 in Co. F. Fifty-first Volunteer Infantry, and served one year. When in Albany, Mo., he was City Marshall and Constable, in all about five years. Married in 1852 to Rebecca Scrivner, of Coles County, Mo. They have two children--one son and one daughter.

H. CASTETTER, banker, is a native of Akron, Ohio. In the spring of 1857 he came to Nebraska; was elected County Clerk in 1859, held that office eight years, as well as Recorder. In 1869 he engaged in the banking business, which he has since continued.

L. S. COOK, engineer, Sioux City & Pacific Railroad, is a native of Washington County, Ohio. Came to Harrison County, Iowa, in 1865, with his parents, and assisted on their farm till 1871, when he secured employment with this company as fireman on the Iowa Division. June, 1879, he removed to Blair, and was promoted to his present position. Married in 1878 to Hannah E. Magner, of Woodstock, Ill. They have one son--Arthur C.

E. COOK, firm of O. V. Palmer & Co., general merchandise, hardware, etc., is a native of Champaign County, Ohio. At the age of sixteen he removed to Kentucky, and engaged in merchandising and other business pursuits till 1861, when he was commissioned Captain of Co. H, Twenty-second Kentucky United States Infantry; remained in the service one year. In the fall of 1862 he returned to Ohio, and in the spring of 1865 removed to Harrison County, Iowa, and followed milling and farming. In 1872 he opened a general store at California Junction, Iowa, in company with his son-in-law, the late O. V. Palmer, who died June 5, 1881. In 1874 they closed out their business, and came to Blair, opened a store, firm of Palmer & Cook, and later Palmer, Dexter & Cook. In about 1876 the firm changed to O. V. Palmer & Co. Married in 1852 to Julia F. Downs, of Greenup County, Ky.; have four children--Emma L., now Mrs. Palmer, Charles, Welsey J. and Edwin F.

C. C. CROWELL, lumber, grain and banking, is a native of Cape Cod, Mass. In the spring of 1869 he came to Omaha, and in the fall of that year he removed to Blair, and run a flour mill a short time at De Soto. In 1870 he engaged in the grain business on the Sioux City & Pacific railroad. A year or two later he engaged in the lumber trade, which he has since continued, as well as at other points on this road. Married December 5, 1867, to Miss P. D. Foster, of Cape Cod, Mass. They have five children--three sons and two daughters.

G. P. De TEMPLE, formerly engaged in livestock, is a native of Buffalo, N. Y. Enlisted in 1864 in Company I, Seventy-eighth New York Infantry, and served three years. Was clerk in Gen. George H. Thomas' Division. In 1867 he was appointed Special Agent of the Treasury Department, and held this position one year. September, 1868, he came to Cleveland, and in July, 1869, removed to Blair, where he has since resided, engaged principally in the livestock business.

J. H. DICK, foreman of the Sioux City & Pacific Railroad round house, is a native of Chautauqua County N. Y. Came to Chicago in about 1866, and was employed with the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad two years. He then came to Plattsmouth, Neb., and was five years foreman of the Burlington & Missouri shops; he then returned to Chicago, where he remained three years. October, 1880, came to Blair, and has since held his present position.

H. GRIMM, farmer, section 12, post office Blair, is a native of Germany, and was born May 5, 1841. Came to America in 1865, and located in Douglass County, Ill. The following year he removed to Nebraska City, and thence to Omaha, where he remained till 1869, when he came to Blair. He owns 152 acres of land. Married June 12, 1869, to Elizabeth Hather, of Germany. This was the first marriage ceremony performed in Blair. They have seven sons and one daughter.

[Portrait of Jesse T. Davis.]

JESSE T. DAVIS, attorney at law, is a native of Marion County, W. Va. Came to Nebraska in 1854, and located at Omaha; April 17, 1855 he removed to Washington County, and worked at the carpenter trade about four years. In 1859 he was appointed Clerk of the District Court, and held this position four years; in 1863 was elected Probate Judge, and has held the office of the Probate and County Judge in all eight years. He was elected State Senator in 1866, and served one term. When in the Senate he procured the land grant and was mainly instrumental in getting the Sioux City & Pacific Railroad through Washington County. Was admitted to the bar in 1864, and has since been in constant practice. Was United States Assessor from 1867 to 1870; has been for four years County Attorney, and still holds this position.

E. B. HAMILTON, farmer, Section 3, Town 18, Range 11 east, post office Blair, was born September 19, 1822, in Washington County, Ind. In the spring of 1857 he came to Nebraska, and located at Cuming City, and has since been in this locality. He owns 115 acres of land. He enlisted in 1863 in Co. F, Sixth Illinois Cavalry, and served to the end of the war. Mr. Hamilton has been the recipient of many public offices, amongst which may be mentioned County Commissioner, Justice of the Peace, Assessor nine years, and has always taken an active part in the educational interests in his district; he has also been Deputy County Clerk two years. Was married October 19, 1843, to Miss Drusilla Rice, a native of Fayette County, Ky.

FRANK HARRIHAN, Station Agent Sioux City & Pacific Railroad, is a native of Niagara County, N. Y. Came to Milwaukee when a boy, with his parents, and has been engaged in the hotel business thirteen years in Milwaukee, Wis., Cedar Rapids and Marshalltown, Iowa, Kansas City, Mo., and in Colorado till 1872, when he came to Blair, and was appointed to his present position, which he is about to resign, having been elected in the fall of 1881 County Treasurer. He had formerly held the position of train master two years.

E. HEINZERLING, saddles and harness, is a native of Prussia. At the age of fourteen he commenced to learn this trade, which he has since followed. In 1866 he came to New York, and worked there till 1869, when he came to Omaha. In the spring of 1869 he removed to Blair, and at once commenced this business. Married in 1868 to Anna Loechel, of Prussia. They have four children--Edward, aged thirteen years; Frank, aged eleven years; Louis, aged nine years, and Rudolph, aged seven years. Is a member of the I. O. O. F.

L. F. HILTON, , Postmaster and editor of The Pilot, is a native of Maine, and came to Wisconsin with his parents when a child. He removed to Nebraska in 1869, and at once engaged in the newspaper business. The Pilot was established September, 1874, by J. Y. Lambert. The following year Mr. Hilton purchased this paper, and has since conducted it. Was appointed Postmaster February, 1879.

J. H. HUNGATE, of Hungate & Crowell, Washington County Bank. Established June 1, 1881.

K. S. JOHNSON, milk dairy, is a native of Erie County, N. Y. In about 1852 he was employed by the Ohio & Mississippi Railroad, assisting in its construction; continuing in the employee of this road about nine years; he then bought a farm of sixty-four acres in Erie County; engaged in farming pursuits till 1878, when he came to Blair; he owns the property where he resides, which he has had constructed since coming here; married in 1854 to Mary Finger, of Lawrence County, Ind. Their family consists of five sons.

WILLIAM KRULL, meat market, is a native of Prussia; came to Philadelphia in 1867; soon after removed to Omaha; carried on a meat market about two years; he then went to California, where he remained about four years; returned to Nebraska and settled in Blair in 1879; married in 1870 to Agnes Hatten, of Germany. They have three children--two sons and one daughter.

THOMAS P. LIPPINCOTT & Co., farm machinery, corn meal, ground feed, etc., is a native of Washington Co., Ind.; came to Washington County, Neb., with his parents in 1857, where he has since resided. In 1874, he, with James Foley, commenced the agricultural and livestock business. This partnership continued till 1877, when Mr. Foley retired from the business. Mr. Lippincott was elected County Clerk in the fall of 1881. Assumed the duties of the office January, 1882.

J. W. HAYLE, confectionery, books, stationary, &c., is a native of Philadelphia; came to Omaha in 1875; soon after removed to Blair and commenced this business; from a small beginning he has worked into a prosperous business; he is about constructing a brick store 24x100 feet, to cost about $5,000; when completed he will fit up a first class restaurant which will not be surpassed by any in the State; married in 1877 to Mattie McCloud, of Newport, Ky. They have two daughters.

MATTHIESEN BROS., general merchandise. They are natives of Schleswig Holstein, Germany; came to Nebraska in 1869. Mr. F. H. Matthiesen came to Blair in 1870, and with Mr. Logan established this business in 1873; they continued till 1880, when Mr. Logan retired from the business; his brother then became a member of the firm. This store was opened with a stock of about $6,000. They are now carrying a stock of about $15,000.

CHAUNCEY F. M'COY, Superintendent Sioux City & Pacific Railroad, is a native of Cambria County, Pa. At the age of fifteen he removed to Pittsburgh; was in the employ of the Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne & Chicago Railroad. Was appointed to his present important position November 1, 1881.

M. M. M'KENNEY, firm of Tyson & McKenney, live stock, is a native of York County, Maine. In 1854, he came to Minnesota ; engaged in farming there till 1860, when he removed to the Wood River, Nebraska; in the fall of 1864 came to Washington County, where he has since resided; he owns 740 acres of land, 260 acres of which are well improved. All of which he has accumulated since coming to Nebraska.

H. W. M'BRIDE, general merchandise, is a native of Orange County, N. Y. In 1865, in company with Mr. Wood, they opened a general store in Pennsylvania; continued there in businoss two years. In 1867 he came to Monticello, Iowa; was there in business two years. In 1869 he removed to Blair, where he has since resided. November, 1875, Mr. McBride bought out this business, formerly conducted by B. Rosa, which he has successfully carried on since, doing a business of about $72,000 a year, and employing six clerks.

J. MILLER, boots and shoes. Born in Hessen, Germany, Dec. 8, 1842; at the age of fourteen years he came to St. Louis, Mo. There he commenced to learn this business; he enlisted in 1864 in Company F, Forty-First Missouri Infantry; served to the end of the war. In 1866 he came to Leavenworth, Kas., thence to Omaha, where he worked at this trade about nine years. In 1875 he came to Blair and at once established this business; married in 1868 to Malessa Graham, of Missouri. They have five children, three sons and two daughters.

SOLOMON MYERS, farmer, Section 10, post office Blair, was born November 5, 1819, in Oswego County, N. Y. In 1844 he came to Jo Davies County, Ills.; followed farming there till 1865, when he came to Burt County, Neb.; ran a store in Decatur about three years; he took up about 400 acres of land and followed farming; in 1873 he came to Blair; in 1877 he removed to his present farm; has been Assessor three years, Justice of the Peace one year; married in 1843 to Phebe Williams, of Oswego County, N. Y. They have five children--two sons and three daughters. Is a member of the Seventh Day Adventists.


E. H. MONROE, firm of Monroe & Hayes, drugs and jewelry, was born in 1839 in Burlington, Vt., and raised in Fon du Lac, Wis., In 1868 he came to Ames, Iowa, and in company with Soper & Thomas, opened a dry goods store. They continued the business six years. Mr. Monroe then came to Blair, Neb. In 1879, this business was established under the firm name of E. H. Monroe & Co., which continued until March, 1881, when the firm changed to Monroe & Hayes; he enlisted in the fall of 1862 in Company A, Second Wisconsin Cavalry; was mustered out as sergeant, November 17, 1865, at Austin, Texas.

W. W. NOYES, engineer, Sioux City & Pacific Railroad, is a native of Monroe, Mich. In 1869 he came to Blair, where he has since resided. In 1871 he commenced working for this company, first as fireman, and now as full charge of a locomotive; married October, 1879, to Johanna Carter, of Ohio. They have one daughter--Eugenia.

S. E. OMO, agricultural implements, is a native of New Berlin, Pa.; came to Nebraska, September, 1874, and located at Scribner; engaged in the grain trade, also at Elkhorn Valley; there he remained about eight months; he then removed to Plum Creek, Dawson County; there engaged in merchandising a short time. In 1875 he came to Blair, where he has since resided, and engaged in his present business.

L. W. OSBORN, attorney-at-law, is a native of Corning, N. Y. In 1869 he came to Blair, and has since been engaged in the practice of this profession; was a member of the State Senate in the winter of 1873-4; was Chairman of the Republican County Committee from 1874 to 1877, and a member of the National Republican Central Committee from 1876 to 1880; he is Commander of John A. Dix Post No. 52, G. A. R.; also Colonel of the Washington County Veteran Association. Is Senior Vice-Commander of the Department of Nebraska, G.A.R.

F. R. PATTERSON, freight agent, Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Railroad, is a native of Boone County, Mo. When a boy he commenced working in railroad offices as operator and in other capacities, and has since followed this business; he has been in the employ of the Wabash, St. Louis & Pacific; Burlington & Missouri and Chicago & Alton railroads; July 1, 1881, he came into the employ of this company and has recently been promoted to his present position.

ALONZO PERKINS, County Judge, is a native of Waterloo, N. Y.; came to La Salle County, Ills., in 1844; came to Nebraska in 1856 and brought a portable saw mill, which he run six or seven years; he then removed to the Pawnee Reservation; ran a mill there three years; then removed to Omaha and was engaged in the hotel business about one year; he then removed to Fontenelle, where he followed farming till 1877, when he was elected County Judge ; he represented this county in the Territorial Legislature in 1857; was elected County Commissioner in 1867, and served three years; he has also held the office of Postmaster, Justice of the Peace, and various other offices. Mr. Perkins also served twelve months in the Mexican War.

E. C. PIERCE, furniture and undertaker, is a native of Ulster County, N. Y. In 1867 he came west, settled in Blair in 1869, and opened this business in 1871; commenced in a limited way, and by strict attention to business has succeeded in working up a very prosperous trade; he now carries everything used in the undertaking business, and a full line of furniture which he is prepared to sell as reasonably as any house in this State.

ALEX REED, real estate, is a native of the State of New York; came to Nebraska in 1857, and settled on a farm west of Fort Calhoun, where he remained six years; he then was elected County Treasurer, and held that office twelve years, and has since been engaged in real estate.

W. S. RICHARDS, grocer, is a native of Boston, Mass.; he enlisted in 1861 in Company E, Third Connecticut Infantry; served about four months; removed to Pittsburgh in 1864, where he held a position as clerk in a store; remained there till 1867, when he came to Washington County, Neb.; followed farming a few years; he then opened a general store in Herman, where he continued in business about four years; his son, J. H. Richards, opened this store, August 8, 1881; it is now being conducted by his father.

DR. A. J. RYAN, firm of Palmer & Ryan, physicians and druggists and jewelry, is a native of St. Joseph County, Ind.; commenced the study of medicine in Illinois; in the fall of 1872 he came to Blair and continued his studies; graduated at the Rush Medical College, Chicago, in 1875; he then removed to Hooper, Neb., where he practiced about two years; October, 1877, he removed to Blair, and with Dr. Palmer bought out the business of J. H. Post, which they have since continued.

T. B. SEELEY, train dispatcher and superintendent telegraph Sioux City & Pacific Railroad Company, is a native of DeKalb County, Ind.. When a boy he came to Harrison County, Iowa, with his parents; there he assisted on their farm; in 1875 he came to Dodge County, Neb., and with the exception of one year has worked for this company since; in 1878 he removed to Sioux City, where he remained one year; September, 1879, came to Onawa, Iowa; was appointed station agent and soon after removed to Missouri Valley; there held the position as train dispatcher; March 1880, came to Blair and has held his present position.

E. L. SHARPNECK, firm of Sharpneck & Majors, manufacturers and dealers in all kinds of mining machinery, and sole manufacturers of Sharpneck's patent pony stamp mill, was born near Wheeling, Va.; came to Harrison County, Iowa, in 1857 with his parents, where he assisted on a farm; in about 1876 he came to Blair and started a machine shop; they now give their entire attention to the manufacture of their celebrated pony stamp mill which is used in crushing rock and separating gold; two of these machines are now in operation in Montana, and one in Wyoming; others are being shipped to the various mines as soon as completed.

HENRY SIERT, saloon and billiards, is a native of Schleswig, Germany; came to Scott County, Iowa, in 1866; worked there one year on a farm; came to Nebraska in 1867; two years later he came to Blair, and has since been engaged in this business; married in 1868 to Anna Satorius, of Germany. They have eight children--five sons and three daughters.

G. C. SMITH, firm of Smith & Wilson, livery, is a native of Jackson, Mich. In 1854 he came with his parents to St. Louis. Mo.; this was his home till 1863, when he removed to Davenport, Iowa; in 1869 came to Nebraska, and has been engaged in the live stock business most of the time since; he was also engaged in pork packing with Herman Bros.; he engaged in the livery business, October 1881.

JOHN GEORGE SMITH, firm of Smith & Blaco, live stock, is a native of Germany. In 1848 he came with his parents to Ohio; in 1864 came to Harrison County, Iowa, clerked in a store till 1869, when he removed to Blair, and with Mr. Dexter opened a general store which they continued about three years; he has since then been engaged in live stock and farming; he owns 400 acres of land, 140 of which are improved; married in 1870 to Ollie J. Flinn, a native of New York. They have six children--three sons and three daughters.

JUDGE J. W. TUCKER, attorney at law, is a native of Crawford County, Ind.; he enlisted June 8, 1861, in Company B, Twenty-Fourth Indiana Infantry; served until 1862, when he returned home and recruited two companies, and was commissioned Captain Company D, Eightieth Indiana Infantry, and served to the end of the war; was mustered out of his regiment as Lieutenant Colonel; on his return he commenced the study of law; was admitted to the bar in 1868 in Orange County; has since been following this profession; he was elected in 1873 prosecuting attorney of the Tenth District; held that office two years; in 1877 he came to Blair, and was elected County Judge, November, 1881.

F. S. TUCKER, Superintendent County Poor Farm, post office Blair, is a native of Jersey County, Ill.; came to Blair in 1876, followed farming and was appointed to the above position in 1879; he owns a house and three lots in Blair; he is now serving his second term as Assessor; married August 1869, to Mary Lorain, of Washington County, Ohio. They have four children--one son and three daughters.

EDWIN K. TURNER, farmer, Section 13, post office Blair, is a native of Calhoun County, Ill. Since a boy he has always been engaged in farming. In 1875 he came to his present farm; he owns 830 acres, about 225 acres of which are improved; he built his house in 1875; cost about $1,400; married in 1866 to Miss Martha A. Tucker of Madison County, Ill. They have four children--three daughters and one son.

L. H. TURNER, proprietor Blair Mills, is a native of Culpeper County, Va. When a year old his parents removed to Clark County, KY. At the age of thirteen he came to Missouri; in 1837 came to Calhoun County, Ill.; there followed farming and lumbering till 1870, when he came to Blair. He owns the Blair Mills, which he assisted in building; he also owns five acres and seven lots with his residence, and other property in town; also 500 acres of land, part of which he cultivates; he has three children by a former marriage, and one child by his present marriage.

J. E. WEST, livery, is a native of Fulton County, N.Y.; came to Illinois in about 1852; in 1860 he removed to Washington County, Neb., where he has since resided; followed the carpenter trade and farming, and has cradled wheat where the town of Blair now stands; he commenced the livery business September, 1878; enlisted in 1862 in Company B, Second Nebraska Cavalry, served about eleven months; married in 1848 to Jane A. Snell, of Fulton County, N. Y.; had ten children, seven living--Josephine (now Mrs. Lewis). Justus F. (now carrying on the livery business in Oakland). Amy A. (now Mrs. Wild), Starr King, Mary J. (now Mrs. Monahan), Katie and Jennie.

W. M. WILKINS, farmer, Section 17, post office Blair, is a native of Somerset County, Pa. At about the age of twenty-two years, he came to Iowa; there he remained till 1869, when he came to Washington County, Neb.; he owns 360 acres of land three miles west of Blair, a large portion of which he has improved, except hay ground; married in 1871 to Sarah J. Allen, of Indiana. They have four children--three sons and one daughter. He is a large stock raiser, and is owner of several new and improved machines. Crossed the River in 1869 opposite Blair.

M. V. WILSON, livery and live stock, is a native of Alleghany County Md.; came to Nebraska in 1864, and has been engaged in live stock most of the time since, he commenced the livery business with Mr. Smith in October, 1881; he owns one farm of 240 acres and one farm of 160 acres, both of which are largely improved; he has been engaged in banking and real estate about two years; has been Deputy County Treasurer with Mr. Hungate and other officers.

1890-1891 Business Directory and Farmer List Published in the Nebraska State Gazetteer,

Blair is at the junction of the C., St. P., M. & O. Ry. and the F. E. & M. V. R. R., 25 miles north from Omaha, and has a population of 2,500. It is in the eastern part of Washington county, of which it is the judicial seat. The city is supplied with water works capable of meeting any emergency, which cost $20,000. There are two flour mills, a canning factory with a capacity of 25,000 cans per day, a horse collar factory, with a capital of $30,000, which employs over 100 men, among the industries of the place. The Blair State Bank is the monied institution. The Pilot, Courier, Advertiser and Republican are the weekly newspapers. The churches of the city are the Catholic, Baptist, Christian, Congregational, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Methodist and Lutheran.

Acme Roller Mills, Edgecomb & Kellogg props.
Anderson & Rathmann, saloon.
Arndt B, cigar mfr.
Ballard Hattie Miss, millinery.
Baltrusc? Charles, genl mdse.
Bedal M D Dr, drugs.
Blair Advertiser, David Myers prop.
Blair Building & Loan Assn, capital $200,000, Hon F W Kenny pres, J H Stewart vice-pres, L H clow sec.
Blair Canning Co, T C Rutter supt.
Blair Pilot (weekly), Selden & Allberry publishers.
Blair Republican, C B Sprague prop.
Blair Separable Horse Collar & Mfg Co. J W Wambold pres, W A Bennett sec.
Blair State Bank, capital $100,000, F W Kenny pres, A P Howes vice-pres, T E Stevens cashier.
Boggs J W, postmaster.
Bolt Emmet, carpenter.
Bonine Wm, blacksmith.
Boyle Margaret Miss, millinery.
Brenbarger Isaac, sewing machines.
Brooks W F, second hand goods.
Bump Newell E, blacksmith. Casteller A, banker
Catherwood W, county surveyor.
Clark E H, at'y.
Clow L H, sec Patrons Lumber Co,
Cohen B, dry goods.
Commercial Hotel, George D Moore prop, Frank S Moore mgr.
Conner Esther, restaurant.
Cook W J, abstracts, ins.
Courier (The), B C Maynard mgr.
Crabill S W, meat market.
Crowell Lumber & Grain Co, A P Howes genl mgr.
Davis Jesse T, atty.
Dixon James M, barber.
Dixon James W, barber.
Dunn C, groceries.
Dunn C Mrs, millinery.
Edgecomb & Kellogg, props Acme Roller Mills
Eller I C, clerk dist court.
Eller W H, atty.
Erikson & Thompson, genl mdse.
Evans Jacob, flour & feed.
Farr Edward J, agt Wells, Fargo & co and American ex.
Fawcett S H, phys.
Flinn Nelson, wagonmaker.
Franz Geo, prop Blair House.
Fuller B F, harness.
Garretson C H, groceries.
Garske A, merchant tailor.
Gaylord E S, horse breeder.
Gilliam E, feed stable.
Gray W H, florist.
Gross Wm, livery.
Gutshow Joseph, prop Merchants Hotel
Haller Bros, genl mdse.
Haller S A Mrs, restaurant.
Haller S C, meat market.
Haller W D, drugs.
Hammang Peter, county judge.
Harriman Frank, sheriff.
Harris C H, photographer.
Harrison W G, livery.
Heenzerling E, harness,
Heimann Theo, cigar mfr.
Henderson J W, supt of schools.
Higley Harry, confectionery.
Higley S E Mrs, millinery.
Hilton T C, dry goods.
Hornes & Son, bakery.
Howes A P, vice-pres Blair State Bank, mgr Crowell Lumber and Grain Co.
Humphries W H, saloon.
Irwin Charles, broom maker.
Jackson E C, county treas.
Jensen Hans, blacksmity.
Jensen Soren, billiards.
Johnson Neils, machinist.
Kay H, shoemaker.
Kemp S E, drugs.
Kenny F W, pres Blair State Bank.
Lamb H P, groceries.
Lantry L L, meat market.
Leverkus R, saloon.
Lippincott Thomas P, agl implts.
Londelius Martin, carpenter.
Lothrop J, atty.
Lundt & Arndt, hardware.
Lutz J E, marble and granite.
McBride M C, dry goods.
McCrumber F, wagonmaker.
McMenemy Charles, real estate, broker.
McQuarrie & Wiseman, lumber.
Maher James E, genl Mdse.
Maley J W, books, stationery and notions.
Matthiesen Bros, genl mdse.
Maynard B C, mgr The Courier.
Merchants Hotel, J Gutshow prop.
Meservey H E, genl mdse.
Michael & Ridler, contractors.
Milestone F J, fgt agt F E & M V
Monroe B F, phys. [R R.
Moore Frank S, mgr Commercial Hotel.
Moore George D, prop Commercial Hotel.
Myers David, prop Blair Advertiser.
Nash & Boyd, livery.
Naudain T N, broker.
Nelson C Mrs, restaurant.
Nelson Samuel, barber.
Nestl Charles, bakery.
Neve Samuel, jeweler.
Newell & Jackson, flour and feed.
Noble H Dr, importer and breeder Clydesdale and English coach horses.
Nordby J C, genl mdse.
Osborn & Farnsworth, attys.
Osterlund N M, clothing, etc.
Palmer E A, dentist.
Palmer O V & Co, genl mdse.
Palmer & Ryan, drugs.
Palmer W H, phys.
Patrons Lumber Co, L H Clow sec.
Peavey F H & Co, grain.
Pelle D H, tailor.
Perkins Alonzo, justice.
Peterson Chris, blacksmith.
Pierce E C, furniture.
Pounds Ella Mrs, dressmaking.
Pratt A M Mrs, dressmaker.
Pratt A W, painter.
Rathmann Chris, abstracter, notary.
Reed Alex Co (The), real estate.
Reed H H, groceries.
Rhoades E J, atty.
Riker George B, city ticket agt f E & M V R R, C St P M & O Ry, and S C & P Ry.
Ritcher John, Brick mfr.
Rosenbalm M H B, genl mdse.
Rutter T C, supt Blair Canning Co.
Ryan B W, boots and shoes.
Sas & Estague, genl mdse.
Aauer & Franzenburg, meat market.
Selden & Allberry, pubs Blair Pilot.
Siert Henry, choice wines, luquors and cigars.
Siert Peter, saloon.
Smith Geo W, laundry.
Smith James R, blacksmith.
Smith J H, blacksmith.
Smith John, barber.
Sprague C B, prop Blair Republican.
Stanfield & Schweinebert, saloon.
Stevens T E, cashier Blair State Bank, notary
Stewart E A, groceries.
Stewart J H & Co, hardware.
Stinson & Riker, photographers.
Strobe M, jeweler.
Struve Henry, saloon.
Taylor S B Dr, drugs.
Tebury Isaac, hardware.
Tew John W, blacksmith.
Verlautz August, harness.
Walton W c, atty.
Wadsworth & Co, hardware.
Wild Edward, veterinary surgeon.
Wil??s & Son, sale stable.
Willsey & Smith, agl implts.
Wulff Bros, agl implts.

Pages 164 - 169

The first business house located at Blair was that of Herman Bros., dry goods, and the next that of Clark & Donovan, dealers in groceries and hardware, who afterwards sold out to John J. Adams. Among other business men who located at Blair at an early day, were West & Lewis, dry goods; Rosa & McBride, dry goods; J. H. Post, drugs; Haller & Lane, drugs; John Zehrung-Afterwards Peterson & Zehrung-drugs; Smith & Dexter, dry goods; Mike Gallagher, furniture; Matthiesen & Logan, dry goods and groceries; Palmer & Co., dry goods and groceries; M. C. Huyett, Clothing; H. W. McBride, dry goods and groceries; William Maher, dry goods and groceries; R. W. Dawson, photographer; Wm. McCormick, groceries; E. Frederick, dry goods and groceries; H. C. Riordan-then Riordan & Kenny, and later Kenny and Stewart, hardware; Gus Lundt, hardware; Graves -& Frederick, agricultural implements; Chas. Shurig, bakery; J. Nestel, bakery; A. Casper, bakery; M. Johnson, R. Waldo & Son, John Miller-Lewis, Valentine Tanz, boots and shoes; M. C. Huyett & Co., Denney & Wild, Elam Clark & Son, James Foley, Kenney & Stewart, A. M. Crowdy, C. H. Egglesan, Foley & Lippincatt and E. M. Denny, Agricultural implements; Mrs. W. C. Walton, Mrs. McKay, Mrs. Hilton, Mrs. Sarah E. Higley, and Mrs. R. W. Dawson, Millinery. Hotels were established and kept by the following named persons: Keiley Bros., Martin Kloos, Wm. Maher, Wm. Carson, Mrs. A. M. Quimby, Mrs. E. E. Sketchley, George Seih, and Henry Siert. Levy & Chapin,-Heinzerling, and John Conneli were engaged in dealing in harness. Butcher shops were kept by Sheeley & Ervy, Wm. O'Hara, Wm. Miller, J. C. Hart, M. V. Wilson, John Connell, Bawen & Parks, J. G. Smith and John Parks. Grain dealers, Elam Clark & Son, C. C. Crowell and the Blair City Mill Co. Blacksmiths, John Tew, Frank Stanfield, Ed. Cochrane and John H. Smith. Physicians, F. H. Longley, S. B. Taylor, S. H. Fawcett, C. Emerson Tennant, -McLean, D. H. O'Linn, Wm. H. Palmer. Lawyers, Davis & Carrigan-later Carrigan & Osborne-W. C. Walton, B. F. Hilton, J. S. Bowen, M. Ballard, A. D. Brainard and J. W. Tucker. Real estate agents, Alex Reed, Alonzo Perkins, A. Castetter. Banker, A. Castetter.

Charles E. Laughton was the first postmaster of Blair.  Since Laughton, the following men have acted as postmasters for Blair: Dr. S. H. Fawcett, L. F. Hilton, Cara Clark, John Boggs, Thomas Wilkinson, Wesley J. Cook, T. T. Osterman, John F. White, and J. P. Jensen.

Among the outstanding business concerns of the earlier period of Blair's history was the flouring mill which was built by H. B. Dexter, Eli H. Turtun, B. G. Lantry, T. M. Carter, and Mr. Wortendyke in the year 1875. This mill today is one of the principal industries of Blair.

In the year 1870, Chris Andreason operated the first brickyard in Blair. In the next few years three additional brickyards were operated by D. M. Rhoades and Sons, Bendorf Brothers, and the fourth was conducted in Weimerville.

The first horse collar factory was started in the spring of 1888 as a stock company, by Jake Waumbald, Theodore Haller, and W. A. Bennett. The plant burned in the early  nineties but another company was incorporated with Charles Ross as president but this company has ceased operation.

W. D. Haller founded the Haller Proprietary Company in 1888. The company was incorporated under the laws of Nebraska in 1897. This company continues to do business at the present time, supplying many households with useful remedies.

Blair's Canning Factory first started business in the late eighties. It has continued to grow and with the efficient management is now one of the outstanding canning factories in this part of Nebraska. The factory contracts many acres of corn and considerable employment to families of Blair.

In 1885 a municipal election was held for the purpose of voting twenty, thousands dollars in bonds for the installation of a system of waterworks. These bonds were to be made in five hundred dollar denominations and bear 7% interest and could be paid in full or in part after five years from the time of their issuance. Blair's present water system consists of a Henningson aereator, settling basin and filtration plant. A large elevated storage basin is located on the hill south of the city limits. There are three deep well pumps in the system with a total capacity of 700 gallons per minute; and two booster pumps with a total of 600 gallons per minute. One of the wells is of the centrifugal type, the other two are of the plunger type. All are motor-driven.

Figures as of January 1, 1936, show that Blair's waterworks have an estimated value of $80,000, divided as follows:  real estate value at present, $3,550; distributing system, $39,910; water treating plant, $13,935; reservoir, $6,000; wells and pumping equipment, $10,643; inventories and incidental equipment, $5,962.

In 1912 the fire department together with the city, erected the present city hall. It is one of Blair's most outstanding buildings and the city and fire department may well feel proud of this structure.

Blair is very proud of her light and power company which dates back to 1889 when A. P. Howes, Dr. W. H. Palmer, F. W. Kenny, Frank Castetter, W. C. Walton, and F. H. Matthiesen formed a stock company and incorporated with twelve thousand dollars of capital stock. This company operated until 1900 when it was sold to E. V. Capps for the sum of $6,250. Mr. Capps sold the plant to Bullock Public Service Company on June 1, 1910. W. Johnson acted as a receiver for the company when it failed. Henry Maxwell succeeded W. Johnson and operated the plant under the name of the Nebraska Gas and Electric Company. In October, 1914, the plant was purchased by the Continental Gas and Electrical Company but this company gave such poor service that a special election was called for the purpose of voting bonds in the amount of $35,000 to purchase the plant. The election carried and contracts were let for the erection of a new building and the installation of machinery Twenty thousand dollars in bonds were voted upon at an election in March, 1921, for the purpose of erecting  an eight-ton ice plant. The election carried and Blair today has a very efficient plant.

On January 1, 1936, Blair's municipally-owned electric plant had steam power. However, new Diesel equipment was installed during the summer of 1936.

Estimated light plant value as of January 1, 1936, (under steam power set-up) : buildings, $20,979.70; machinery and equipment, $80,696.14; distributing system, $57,322.74; truck, $446.35; total, $159,394.93. Less reserve for depreciation, $86,415.80; balance, $72,979.13. On January 1, city's net  equity in the plant was $159,334.58.

Blair received a new Post Office building in 1901 through the efforts of David Mercer, who was the congressman from this district at the time.

The Blair Public Library is one of the outstanding institutions in Blair. The citizens of Blair, having taken advantage of the Andrew Carnegie gift, made application for a building which was granted in December, 1916. The library at the present time has 6,344 volumes and 3,200 borrowers in 1935. The annual circulation of books is 25,232 and the annual circulation of magazines is 4,668. Miss Mae McQuarrie is the librarian.

Blair has three parks, North, Railroad, and Castetter. A. Castetter deeded this park to the city in August, 1887, with the understanding that the city spend $500 during the next five years on its improvement. This park was not used much until the completion of the municipal swimming pool, built in 1931 at a cost of nearly $25,000. An athletic field has been laid out for baseball, track, and football. The present park board members are Reed O'Hanlon, M. R. Lippincott, and Ed Matthiesen.

North park, located near Walker avenue on Nebraska  street in north Blair, is used extensively by tourists and by picnickers.

Railroad park, which was given to the city by the railroad company in an early day, is not used or maintained at the present.

Blair has splendid transportation facilities. There are two north bound and two south bound passenger trains daily and two north and two south, one east and one west bound freight trains daily. Mr. C. H. Koepke is the agent for the Northwestern Railroad Company in Blair:

There are three highways running through Blair. Federal Highway number 30 runs east and west, which is paved, and State Highway number 91, which is graveled, also runs west. Federal Highway number 73 is a paved highway running north and south through Blair. There are four north and four south bound busses daily.

Blair has 80 city blocks of paved streets, of which 64 are of concrete topped with brick, and five others are of asphalt.

In other chapters will be found a complete account of the schools of Blair, churches, civic organizations, and the courthouse. The following is a complete list of the business organizations which are in Blair at the present writing (1936).

Grocery and meat stores: Dexterville store, Gilbertson grocery, North Side store, Wolff's Checkerboard store, Safeway store, Larsen Bros. grocery, Blue Goose store, Bertlesen grocery, Thornburgh store, H. Nielsen grocery, Lundt store, and Kirby Coffee House; General Merchandise: J. Sas and C. J. Beekmann; Eating Establishments: Bohs Place, North Side Lunch, Budweiser Cafe, Si's Hamburger Shop, Eat Shop, Rainbow Cafe, Nellie Anderson's Eat Shop, Kobinson's Cafe, Blue Ribbon Lunch, and Art's Coffee Shop; Smokehouses, Liquor Stores and Dispensers: Victor Wolff  Smokehouse, Jim Andreasen Smokehouse, Bcb Andreasen Smokehouse, Robinson Liquor Store, Compton Liquor Store, and Stricklett Beverage Co. (beer distributing) ; Auto Service and Handling: Art's Auto Parts, Arndt-Snyder Garage, Walter Larsen Service, Haynes Welding Shop, North Side Garage, Petersen Machine and Motor Service, Blair Top and Tire Co., Chris Zander, Vinton-Evans Chevrolet Co., Shell Super Service, Bohs Service Station, Ole Jensen, Oscar Jensen, George Corson; Implement Houses: Tyson-Long, Hancock Farm Equipment Co., Rasmus Johansen; Hardwares: Arndt Hardware, Farnberg Hardware, Gamble Store; Ice Cream Companies: Superior Ice Cream Company and Carter Ice Cream Company; Newspapers and Printing Establishments: The Pilot-Tribune, The Enterprise, Danish Lutheran Publishing House; Rendering Works: Blair Rendering Works and Washington County Rendering Works; Elevators: Holmquist Elevator, Rivett Elevator, and Farmers' Elevator; Real Estate, Insurance, Abstracting and Financing: Grange and Farmers Mutual Insurance Co.; Ove T. Anderson, Abstracting; Blair Abstract and Title Co.; G. L, Dixon Go. (real estate and insurance) ; D. Z. Mummert (real estate and insurance); Clarkson Haller (real estate and insurance) ; N. T. Lund (real estate and insurance) Blair Building and Loan Association; Lumber Companies: Rivett Lumber and Coal Company and Christensen Lumber Company; Plumbing Companies: Blair Plumbing Co., Arndt Hardware Plumbers, Farnberg Plumbers, Moore Plumbing Co.; Produce Companies and Hatcheries: Blair Incubator Co., Blair Hatchery, Blair Produce Co., Armour Cream Station, Mundorf Cream Station; Apparel Shops: J. L. Pounds, J. D. Garrison, Fashion Center, A. F. Garske, Tailor, J. Cronstrom, Tailor; Bakeries: Home Bakery, Oscar Holmes Bakery; Drug Stores: Stewart Pharmacy, Blair Drug Co., Wolff Drug Sstore; Undertakers: Campbell Mortuary, Bendorf Funeral Home; Shoe Stores: Brenholdt Hansen, Fischer's Bootery, H. C. Sorensen, W. J. Sas, C. J. Beekrnan, Fashion Center, J. D, Garrison; Miscellaneous: Bross Auction House, H. J. Cooke Cigar Store, Home Theater, Blair Racket Store, Scheffler Harness Shop, DeBolt Electric Co.Unruh Furniture Store, Kuhn's Studio, Kenneth Pounds, Photographer, Advance Cleaners, Miller Munk, Blacksmith, Ed Hovendick, Blacksmith, Clifton Hotel, Johnson Second Hand Store, five barber shops, seventeen gasoline stations, several dairies, several transfer companies; Factories and Industries: Blair Feed Mill, Blair Flour Mill, Blair Nursery, W. J. Rodgers Greenhouse, Blair Canning Factory, Haller Proprietary Co., Schmidt Monument Works, Beaty Contracting Co., H. H. Brown, Well Drilling Co., Blair Horse Collar Factory, Iowa-Nebraska Light and Power Co. (branch office), Municipal Light and Ice Plant, Blair Telephone Co., Iowa-Nebraska Oil Co.; Professional Men: Lawyers; John A. Carrigan, county judge, Grace Ballard, county attorney, A. C. Debel, B. F. Lundt, William J. Maher, Henry Mencke, Clark O'Hanlon, Reed O'Hanlon, Philip O'Hanlon; Banks: Washington County Bank; Doctors, M. D.'s: Dr. Morris Nielsen, Dr. Raymond Burr, Dr. Robert Donley, Dr. C. D. Howard, Dr. R. J. Murdoch, Dr. E. R. Stewart, Dr. D. W. Bell; Osteopath: Dr. E. M. Moats; Optometrist: Dr. N. K. Rathmann; Dentists: Dr. E. T. Jipp, Dr. W. F. Hemphill, Dr. C. R. Mead, Dr. H. S. Tripp; Veterinarians: Dr. W. D. Hammond, Dr. R. E. Tilden, Dr. C. T. Swisher.

Fire Destroys Dexterville Store

Blair, Neb., March 5 – (Special) – Dexterville’s store in the northwest part of the city was destroyed by fire at 4 o’clock Tuesday morning. The building was insured for $1,400, the stock for $3,200 and the store fixtures for $800.

The Bee: Omaha                 Thursday, March 1918, Page 4.


1954 Lest We Forget: a history of Washington County Nebraska, by Rhoades, John A. 1954   ?? 59 pages, Binder format.  Blair Public Library: REF 978 Les



Grace Ballard

A distinguished woman lawyer of Nebraska, Grace Ballard was born in Washington County, August 12, 1877, and has lived in this state most of her life. Her father, Martin Ballard, who was born in Grayson County, Kentucky, November 6, 1824, and died at Chadron, Nebraska, February 7, 1889, was a leading lawyer of Blair, Nebraska. He served as county attorney of Dawes County, and was engaged in practice at Blair from 1877 to 1885. Her mother, Sarah Darinda (Strong) Ballard, was born at Batemantown, Ohio, November 17, 1840. She was descended from Elms Rano and David Keyes who assisted in establishing American independence; they were natives of New Hampshire and Vermont.

Miss Ballard was graduated from Blair High School, received her degree at Dana College in 1904, and from 1911 to 1914 was a student at the University of Nebraska College of Law where she was president of the senior class, 1913-14. She was engaged in secretarial work for the Bell Telephone Company at Omaha, 1907-10, and for the Lincoln Safe Deposit Company, 1911-14. In 1915 she took a prominent part in the Woman's Suffrage campaign in Pennsylvania and New York, in 1916 carried on the same work in Iowa and Nebraska, beginning the practice of law in 1918.

As a Republican and one of the few women lawyers of Nebraska Miss Ballard has taken an active part in the political life of her state. She served as county attorney of Washington County in 1918-22, and since 1922 has been secretary of the Republican county central committee.

Miss Ballard is a member of the Order of Eastern Star, former chairman of the local Red Cross at Blair, and holds membership in the Methodist Church. She is affiliated with the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Daughters of Founders and Patriots, and the Nebraskana Society. Residence: Blair. (Photograph in Album).

Harry Herbert Brown

Harry Herbert Brown, son of Hugh Clark and Mary Almyra (Goff) Brown, was born at Fremont, Nebraska, July 15, 1882. His father, who was born in Fairfield, Iowa, September 9, 1850, settled in Fremont, in 1870. He engaged in farming and stock raising for many years, and later engaged in the machinery business in Fremont. He is descended from early settlers in America. Mary Almyra Goff was born in Augusta, Oneida County, New York, October 19, 1849, and came to Nebraska in 1869, where she was one of the state's first school teachers. Her death occurred at Lincoln, June 6, 1928.

Educated in the public and high schools of Fremont, Harry H. Brown was graduated from the latter in 1900, and attended the University of Nebraska 1905 and 1906, during which time he was a member of the Glee Club. On October 22, 1914, he was married to Edna Mae Woods, daughter of James Edward and Artie (Trailer) Woods at Walnut, Iowa. Mrs. Brown was born at Marne, Iowa, February 5, 1889, of American descent for several generations. There are four children, Herbert E., born March 30, 1916; Dorothy L., born April 1, 1917; Evelyn M., born December 30, 1919, and Ralph W., born July 28, 1923.

A well driller since leaving school, Mr. Brown operated at Fremont several years, moving to Knox County in 1913, where wells were from 600 to 1000 feet deep. In 1916 he removed to Lincoln, where he purchased an interest in the Plattner Yale Manufacturing Company, manufacturers of windmills and water supplies. In 1919 he came to Blair, where he has since engaged in business. He now operates several machines in Northeastern Nebraska.

Mr. Brown is a Republican and a member of the Congregational Church. During the years 1928, '29, and '30, he was president of the Nebraska Well Drillers Association, and assisted in organization of the association. He belongs to Washington Lodge No. 21, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, is associate patron of the Eastern Star, and is a member of the Blair Chamber of Commerce, the Nebraskan Society and the Blair School Board, of which he is now president. Residence: Blair. (Photograph in Album).

Samuel William Chambers

Samuel W. Chambers, one of Nebraska's leading executives, was born at Peru, Nebraska, February 18, 1859, the son of James and Ann (Davidson) Chambers. His father, who was a retired farmer for several years before his death, was born at Cincinnati, Ohio, October 4, 1828, and died at Peru, April 4, 1891; his ancestry was English. His mother, who was of Scotch descent, was born at Cincinnati, August 11, 1826, and died at Rochester, Fulton County, Indiana, February 18, 1871.

Mr. Chambers has lived in Nebraska practically all his life. For over 20 years he served as a railroad agent and operator; and for the past 30 years has been in the real estate loans, banking and building and loan association businesses. He is now secretary-treasurer and director of the Blair Building & Loan Association, at Blair, Nebraska, and is a member of the Blair Chamber of Commerce, the Nebraskana Society, the Masons, and the Modern Woodmen of America. He is affiliated with the Episcopal Church at Blair; is a member of the Red Cross; and holds membership in the Democratic Party.

His marriage to Gertrude Emma Beals was solemnized at Geneva, Nebraska, September 10, 1887. Mrs. Chaimbers was born at Geneva, September 10, 1870, and died at Blair, January 2, 1930. Her parents were born in Massachusetts. Two children were born to them: Lloyd, born September 2, 1888, who married Bertha Moore, and Mona M., born August 26, 1899, who married Ross E. Deets.

His grandchildren are Dorothy Deets, born January 26, 1920; Dolores Deets, born July 20, 1922; and Billy Chambers nine years of age. Residence: Blair. (Photograph in Album).

Rev. George Fedilis Lonaitis Major’s uniform of United States Army

Erland N. P. Nelson

Born at Ruskin, Nebraska, July 28, 1897, Erland N. P. Nelson is the son of Hans and Frederikke (Olsen) Nelson. His father, who was born at Odense, Denmark, died in 1912, and his mother, born at Borhholm, Denmark, is living.

Erland Nelson was graduated from Ruskin High School, attended Hastings College, and received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Peru State Teachers College. His Master of Arts degree was awarded by the University of Nebraska. His post graduate work was taken at the University of Nebraska where he will take his doctor's degree.

Mr. Nelson's fraternities include Phi Delta Kappa, Sigma Tau Delta and Alpha Sigma Phi. While at Peru he was a member of the debating team in 1921. He is a member of the Nebraska State Teachers' Association, and at the present time is chairman of the research committee of the National Lutheran Educational Conference.

A rural school teacher in Dundy County, and superintendent of schools at Comstock from 1922 to 1924, he was superintendent at Juniata, 1924-26. Since 1926 Mr. Nelson has been associated with Dana College, as head of the department of commerce until 1929, and is acting president 1929-31. For the past year he has been president of the college.

Among his contributions to literature are Success of Students Who Transfer from College to College (1930); and How to Improve The College Teacher (1981).

On August 6, 1924, Mr. Nelson was united in marriage to Naida Editha Randall at Juniata. Mrs. Nelson, who was born at Sitka, Kansas, October 27, 1896, is an educator of English descent. There are two children, Isabelle Frederikke, born July 23, 1925; and Erland Randall, born June 4, 1928.

Mr. Nelson is a Democrat. His religious affiliation is with the First Lutheran Church of Blair. Residence: Blair. (Photograph in Album).


Although in politics, as in so many phases of their activities, they have been handicapped because of their race, Negroes have nevertheless exhibited an active interest. A Negro ran for the office of Mayor of Blair, Nebraska, in 1881. Although he was defeated he received seventy-five votes. Henry Brown, Negro, was elected Mayor of Brownville. Nebraska, April 4, 1893.


From: Linda Olson, June 26, 2007
My parents were:
    Ivan Eugene Larsen
    Georgia Frances Mary (Lutz) Larsen

Grandparents on my Dad’s side:
    Lars Larsen
    Lora (Miller) Larsen (she lived and worked at the Crowell Home when the Parduns and Laakers were the administrators.)

Grandparents on my Mother’s side:
     Frank S. Lutz (His Father was J.E. Lutz who ran the Lutz Monument)
     Kate (Pfaff) Lutz (These are the grandparents that lived in the Napolini House, next to Bob’s Mom)

Alma Miller (she was my Grandma Larsen’s sister) worked at Lutheran Publishing House - not sure the years or how long, maybe 50’s & 60’s maybe even before the 50’s. She was always old to me.

My Uncle John Lutz, who lives in Blair, worked there after he got out of the Navy, probably the 50’s or so. He might even remember when Aunt Alma worked.



The following message was recently posted to the BLANCHARD Board at RootsWeb by Linda Zade.

Philip Sheridan "Sherry" Moore, Ruth Moore Blanchard & _____ Moore

"Have several photos of Tom Blanchard; these were taken in the early 1900's ( just a guess). I received these in a photo album that was in a box I bid on at an auction in Fremont, Nebraska. If you have any information on him or would like to have these photos of your relative please email me for information. Also included in the album are pictures of Ruth and her mom, a young fashionably dressed young woman with "Uncle Will" and several theatre pictures of a young woman playing scenes of "The Little Minister". William Wilkinson and Sherry Moore 2- 8x10 photos of Sherry Moore, Dollie, Ruth and Mary Isabella: an old picture of the Baptist Church in Blair, Nebraska and several old thumbnail size pictures in an envelope with the name Mary I. on it. "

Linda sent me this scan of one of the "Tom Blanchard" photos. If any member recognizes "Tom" or any of the associated names, you can contact Linda at lw.zade@hamilton.net and please let the List know.
Fletch Blanchard 25 May 2006



Mrs. [Mary] Isabelle Moore Tilden, who was called from Honolulu to be with her mother, Mrs. Sherry Moore, who is seriously ill, was hostess at Sunday dinner at the Eat Shop to her four aunts, who were called here for the same reason, and to her father, Sherry Moore, Mrs. Joe Lazure, and Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Allen.

In the afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Allen took the company for a trip through the DeSota woods and the old home, the Cruickshank farm. The sisters enjoyed the outing and stopped in the hills long enough to gather a bouquet of wild flowers, reminiscent of their girlhood days.

At five o'clock, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Blanchard entertained the sisters at tea. Later in the evening, three nephews and their wives called at the Moore home. They were Messrs. and Mesdames Frank, William, and John Mumaugh, of Omaha.

The visiting sisters are Mrs. Bessie Marshall of Casper, Wyoming; Mrs. Jean Burnett of Medicine Bow, Wyoming, Mrs. Etta Nickerson, of Red Bluff, California, and Mrs. Belle Summers of near O'Neill, Nebraska.



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